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Classic Cool

I'll admit, when I first started playing with Ivan I didn't care much for the game, but after I unlocked Apollo I had to keep playing. After beating it with Apollo and being able to play as Herbert the Dinosaur the third time through brought great satisfaction. Sure your invincible, but it makes up for the annoyances the were present when playing as Ivan or Apollo. Once you unlock Rocky I would have prefered playing the game as him, but the greased lightning game is still pretty hilarious. Good game, excellent tribute to Rocky and all the old school beatem up games.

PS: never had so much fun juggling dead babies.

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Easy but freaken awesome!!!

I defeated Samus my first time through, pretty easy to beat her with that bar in the middle on the room. You took the graphics perfectly from both games. When I first started up I imediately sent the link to my friend. Pure genius! Not many people get it from me, but you my friend, deserve a 10.

Simply Awesome!

I'm impressed, when I saw this was some demo for a Kirby game I didn't have very high expectations. I love Kirby and you've captured the essence of the games in this short demo you have here. If you do make a full game I'm looking forward to the sound effects and perhaps speeding the game up a little. Other then that great job!

This game is very annoying

It had some potential. But most of the answer or phrases are quite difficult, I only got 2. To improve this I would add some extra chances to save the kangaroo and not have the Kangaroo smart mouth you so much. How about he gives you some praise when you solve a puzzle instead of just "oooo!"

Good but too damn easy!

I found the game extremely easy and there aim was horrible, I don't think I could die if I tried. The positions of the enemies were also to repetitive, you should have had a bit more variation. Other then that it was a decent game.

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Thorsten responds:

Hey Moh-Danath
Thanks for the review! Ahh, thanks again I guess;) But I got it the first time.
If the game was too easy I apologize.... that just means you've got great hand to eye coordination. But the aim is pretty much up to you. But since the game was soooo easy, the aim could'nt have been too bad, considering you have to make it thru the missions flawless to receive the Medal.
But thanks for checking it out and giving me an honest opinion. ( Twice)


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